Saturday, 23 June 2018

Leading Printing Company in kenya Re- brands to attract Investors

The leading commercial printing and branding  company in Kenya is re branding.  According to the close source, the company intends to attract new investor in the business and intends to expands it operation into stationary, offset papers and acquire more printing machines.

We have also noted Inkpaste printers has redesigned their website to a more friendly site.

Have a look at the Inkpaste Printers website 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Brand your business in Kenya

Brand creating is a vital aspect for very business enterprise that need to create royal clients and long lasting business. Customizing business items with company logos, company colours and slogans keeps the message stuck in customers mind.

 Here are a number items that a business or company can brand or print to promote it brand.
Branding pens
Branding note books
Branding letters heads and complimentary slips
Branding shopping bags
Promotional item like umbrellas, T-shirt branding etc
Branding labels and stickers 
Among others

To have you’re items printed and branded in Kenya, you can contact a number of known printing companies in Kenya which does exceptional good branding services.
You can browse list of printing company in Kenya

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Letter Head Printing Services in Kenya

Letter head is a vital marketing and branding stationary to nay business. This makes the content on the letter head authentic and traceable. A good letter head which capture the following:

A good letter head should not be shouted a lot but instead communicate the organization products and brand. Moreover the letter head should be neat and printed on good paper.

A good letter head is as good as paper printed on it. Remember letter are often more used for external document and thus it speaks volume out there. Here are common papers used for letter printing in Kenya and are easily available papers in the market.
-          Conqueror/ classic papers
-          Director papers
-          Royal executive
-          Water marked security papers
-          Cartilage papers
-          Bond papers (copy papers)

Letter Head Printing Services in Kenya is common practice and here are company that can assit you print the letter heads in Kenya:

1.       Inkpaste printers and stationers
Cell: +254724680008

2.       AViq printers

3.       Geoffrey printing press 

4.       Ramco printing services

Order you letter head printing services in Kenya!!!

Link to printing services in Kenya

Links to printing services in Kenya 

viist :

To get quick access to information related to printing in Kenya,printers, printing companies and printing services use the link to access services quick.

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Papers use to print magazines, newsletters, profiles etc

Printing of magazines, newsletters, brochures, profiles is a common practice to many people and printing company globally.

Here are the papers used:

Inside papers: art papers gloss (or matte) 100 gsm – 150 gsm depending on the number of pages

Cover:  art paper gloss , 170 – 250 gsm , the gsm to pick largely depends on the number of pages per magazine.

magazine printing companies in kenya include Inkpaste printers ( aviq printers, geoffrey printing press among others

Papers used to print transaction books

Paper used to print Receipt/ Invoice books,delivery books, cash sales, petty cash,job cards etc

Keeping” records for any business is very vital and formal way of transacting.  There is a number of books which are crucial to any firm or business enterprise and this books include: receipt books, invoice books, delivery books, cash sales books, petty cash, Payment vouchers among others business books.

Here are a common printing papers use to print receipt books among others;
NCR papers - This is a self-carbonating papers often in 45- 55 gsm, this is a common papers for receipt books, invoice books, delivery among others
Bank papers, Newsprint papers - This paper is 42-50 Gsm, white, off white and grey in colour. This is a common paper in printing transaction books, but you need to have a carbon paper to show on the duplicate papers.
Bond papers – This are like banks papers, the only difference is that they heavy. The gsm for bond paper ranges from 60 – 120 gsm.

There are a number of printing company in Kenya, which stock the above papers and would print the said bout for individuals, corporates, Institution among others.  Inkpaste Printers and stationers, Aviq printers, Geoffrey printing press is among one of the best receipt books printing company in Kenya.

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Printing of Magazines / Newsletters / Company profiles

Magazine printing, newsletter, company profiles and brochures printing services is a common service offered by many printing company in Kenya. Magazines, newsletters, brochures and company profiles are common tools for marketing and showcasing the products.

Features of a magazine

-          They often printed on art papers either gloss or matte. Most firm prefer art paper 130gsm, 135gsm or 150gsm although not limited.

-          Most cases magazines, newsletters, company profiles are full colour. This mean the content comprises of both text and  colored images

-          The magazines are bound in form of booklets, this can be either saddle stitch binding or perfect binding depending on the number of pages and customer specification.

-          Magazines often has more than 8 pages. This is to allow binding to take place.

-          Unlike brochures which can be and size, magazines are often A4 sizes.

Magazine is a great tool for marketing and publicity, however, it must be noted producing quality magazine is expensive. This is because a number of advertising company use magazines to palace ads for corporate companies.  If you need quality magazine and full color printed for you need to trust reputable and companies with experience with the same.
You can print magazines, brochures, newsletters, company profiles in Kenya with known printing companies like;

i)                    Inkpaste printers  ( / +254724680008)
ii)                   Aviq printers
iii)                 Ramco printing
iv)                 Geoffrey printing services  (0704600804)

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Ban of plastics bags in Kenya

Plastics bags ban has officially be effected in Kenya, this a good move to cleaning up environment. This ban has caused a lot of damage to printing industry in Kenya, polythene manufacturer and employee working in the same field.

According to reliable sources, a number of employees working with polythene manufacturing and polythene printing companies have lost their jobs.
On other hands, this would great a big business for alternative to plastics and printing papers related bags, like envelope manufacturers in Kenya, papers shopping bags printing companies and other related.

It is our hope that this ban will be for the good of all industry players, and the companies that shut down should find alternatives.

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Common printing services ordering process in Kenya

Here are the common process with the printing Kenyan companies you will to do when ordering for printing services in Kenya.
You may need to google online to find list of printing companies in Kenya and top printing companies:

i)                    Send Email or call the printing company with the printing services you need for a quote.
ii)                  Agree on the price and specification of our order
iii)                Discuss method of payment and others terms, Time –frame for delivery and others concerns.
iv)                Payment of the order
v)                  Printing company embarks on printing the work.
vi)                Collection or delivery of the good

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Printing business in Kenya post – Election

Election years are often a ripping period for printing companies in Kenya. This is due to the facts that, most politicians, aspirant and political parties makes branded items like posters, fliers, brochures, business, t-shirts, pens, umbrella, note books banners among others to market for their candidature and indeed for publicity.  

However, according to the major printing companies in Kenya, the 2017 general election has not given much printing business in Kenya like the previous election. This has been attributed to many factors which included inflation among others concerns. The leading printing companies in Kenya urge that unlike other years when they often smile to the bank, the 2017 election period has been silently silence.

Post-election business for printing industry in Kenya is a bit shaky, especially when another election (repeat) is looming on the coming days. But a number of the players believe the printing industry in Kenya will stabiles as soon the electioring period ends. Most likely starting end of November.
You can browse on top printing companies in Kenya list on site for any printing service in Kenya  

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