Sunday, 2 October 2016

Book Printing and Publishing Services in Kenya

There is a number of printing firms in Kenya however, Not all printing companies in Kenya offer books printing and publishing services, thus it is vital to contact the firm that has experience in books printing and publishing.

Here Are Step of Getting Your Books Printed In Kenya
i)                    Research on companies doing book printing in Kenya
ii)                  Get a quote
iii)                Get a sample of previous work done by the printing company
iv)                Get clarification, on issues like payment methods, terms, delivery terms, designs and artwork. etc
v)                  If happy with quote and sample, place an order for book printing services.

Top Books printing companies in Kenya

Inkpaste Printers and Stationers - They are experience in book printing services, and prompt in any enquiry regarding your order.
They inkpaste printers and stationers, provide actual sample of the book to be printed before mass production.
They have quick turn round and thus you can get your book much quicker compared to other printing companies.

Aviq printers – unlike Inkpaste printers they accept even small orders of book production services. They are very affordable as well.

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Business Cards still matters to your Business !

Business cards Printing services: 
Business cards are one of the old and best ways of offline marketing and sharing contacts.  Most corporate, businessmen and trading individuals among others prefer the use of business cards all over the world than any other forms.  Although we cannot deny with internet marketing, and things like email, social media, website others have greatly impact the printing of business and it meaningfulness to organizations.

However, electronic media have its own demerits and thus put use of business cards in Africa and worldwide.  Use of business cards and business printing in Kenya is not a practice that will die soon. Every organization, companies, institutions, traders, individuals  among others have made habit of using business cards and it be tested to work miracle in term of sharing contacts, follow ups and offline marketing.

Business cards can be ether printed one side, both sides, laminated, die cut, 3D, round edge among other types depending on your taste, industry and image you wish to create.
Here are the printing companies in Kenya that can offer you great deal and quality services on business cards.

Best companies to print your business cards
For quick business cards printing services in Kenya, the below companies are said to offer quality, affordable and quick turn on business cards.

i)                    Inkpaste printers and stationers  - email: Tel: 0724680008
ii)                  Aviq printers – Email:
iii)                Geoffrey printing services  - email :

Monday, 8 August 2016

Forms of Books Bound

Types of Books binding

There are a number of different ways printing companies in Kenya and publishers bind books. The way book should be bound, depends on a number of concerns:

i)                    Number of pages
ii)                   Quantity
iii)                 Cost
iv)                 Audience
v)                  Purposes of the books

Here are different types of books bound.

Stitch binding / saddle
Owire binding
Perfect binding
Hard cover binding
Tape binding
Glue binding


need to publish any book in kenya? email us: 

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Printing Machine on Sale

ON SALE - 201 commercial offset printing machine

The above 201 offset printing machine is on sales.  It is a high recommended machine for those who need to invest into commercial printing, bulk publications among others

As it is: Ksh 250,000
If serviced before sale:  kesh 300,000

What 201 machines can do:

201 Offset machines can print the following;
-          Receipt books, invoice books, order books ,etc
-          Text books
-          Spot items, like fliers, posters, leaflets etc
-          Business cards, wedding cards, invitation cards, contribution cards etc
-          Programmes, church and distribution bulletins
-          Business forms
-          Stickers and labels
-          Envelopes
-          Letter heads
-          Among other printed stationary

Benefit of 201 machines
-          Low power consumption – it is a one phase user
-          Easy to maintenance
-          Spare part available and affordable
-          High speed commercial machine  
-          Technician local available
-          Space: the machines can fit in a small room.
NB; the operators of the 201 offset machines are available

Machines are in good condition although several items need to be replaced; this is because it has not worked for some time. Servicing will take less that 30,000.
However, you have an option of letting us service before purchase at extra cost.

Serious buyers only contact:

( +254)0704600804 or Email:

find out how 201 printing machines works here:

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Poster printing services in kenya VS in china

Election season is almost here in Kenya, and many political and aspirant would need poster printing services. Although many political and individuals who wish to print posters prefer doing them local others prefer printing in other countries like china. Many have been lied to that it cheaper to print poster in china, but in really sense that isn't true.

Kenya is one the luck country in east Africa region to have some of the best printing company companies delivering not only quality services, affordable and on time.
Here are advantages of printing your posters in Kenya

1.     There is special connection between the printing company and the client since the firm can be accessed.

2.     Most printing company in Kenya, after offering the printing services will often do a free delivery which will not be the case if you import the posters.

3.     Method of payment for your posters order in Kenya is much convenient, a person can convenient order and pay through Mpesa (mobile money),bank, cheques etc. as compared to when a person import where it necessarily to use dollars and method like cards and paypal among others.

Don’t be duped with ordering poster printing services outside Kenya, has the shipping cost, duty among expenses is way much expensive than working with local printing company in Kenya.
Here are some of the companies you can rely on to print your posters on the shortest time possible in Kenya:

a)      Inkpaste Printers and stationers : +254724680008 ,
b)     Aviq printers
c)      Geoffrey printing services
d)     Ramco printing
e)      Parxart printing services

Among others 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Same day printing delivery in Kenya

Its comes a time when you need an urgent printing service and thus you either need a printing company that can deliver on the shortest time possible, within a few hours or same day printing services.
It is worthy to noting, the same day printing services is quite expensive than typical normal printing services.
If you are Nairobi Kenya and you need same printing services for you business cards, conference material, banners, magazine, booklets, documents, stickers among others printing services here are the printing companies in NAIROBI to assist you in the shortest time possible.

Geoffrey printing services – 0704600804 /
Aviq printers -
When you get a good service from the same day printing companies in kenya remember to leave a comment here.


Almost all type of printing services can be found in Kenya, and more so the Nairobi city. Most of the printing companies in Kenya are either situated in the central business district or the industrial area.
Whether you would like to do offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, large format printing or flat bet printing prepress process is a must. Pre press printing process which is vital function of printing, involves artwork production, colour separation, plate production which can be done on ether films or CTP (Computer to plates)
There are the services that once can easily get in Nairobi. Business card printing services, letter head printing, note books printings, posters printing services, labels printing- shirts and promotional material printing, stickers, banners and roll up banners, conference material and documents among printing services that can be offered by printing companies in Kenya either offset, digital or screen printing

To make an order of the printing services in Kenya click Here