Monday, 29 October 2012

Terms used in the Printing industry

Here are common terms used in printing industry,and any person in the the printing is likely to use them.
·        Designing – soft copy of what is to be printed, commonly refereed to as graphic design
·        Art work – the result of graphic designs, often in Pdf or orel draw
·        Image – a picture in soft copy
·        Separation – a process in offset printing which allow the operator to achieve certain colours especially when undertaking full colour jobs
·        Plates – a metal rectangular form . which carries the images to be printed
·        Registrations – set up of printing process
·        Runs – times in which the papers are expected to pass through the printing machines
·        Full colour – the printing process which involves production of 4 colour printings
·        Screen printing  - offset used to print t-shirts
·        Digital printings – used to print samples and small printing, especially from the computer screen
·        Dye cutting – process of shaping ,the printing works, especially on packaging printings
·        Foiling  - rolling up
·        Binding – part of printing finishing process done on books,esxcpecilay invoice/receipt books etc
·        Stitching – kind of doing binding which involves stitches
·        Films – a plastic like item used to transfer images to plates
·        Inks – used in printing process
·        Mixing white – a milk like printing ink, often used to mix other clours
·        Templates   already design work, and need only editig to get end art work
·        Screen colour – the colour which is seen on the computer i.e computer colour
·        Off cuts – pieces of papers left out after finishing or unused
·        Grains directions – especially on the printing papers  e.g white lined chipboard
·        Bulk offset printing  - printing in large scale
·        Lamination – coating of the papers or the printing output
·        Uv vanish – done on the finished printing to makes the printing shines especially on magazines’ cover,posters, labels among others
·        Cutting – process done of removing out the unwanted part of the printing, done after or before the printing
·        Numbering – process of giving the printed pages numbers, especially on the receipt/invoices etc
·        Paper plates – temporary plates on paper like material,used for short and one colour jobs.
·         A4 Paper -          paper size 21 x 29.7 cm or 8.3 x 11.7".

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Contributed By John Njega
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Friday, 26 October 2012

Printing Activities and General election 2013 in kenya

With the general election almost to take place in Kenya printing activities is expected to be at top especially the printing of posters, flyers, campaign cards,registration forms,banners among others. Contrarly  there will be scarcity of offset printing papers due to the fact that most of papers consumed in Kenya market are imported. Moreover  due to unstable foreign exchange and more so the dollar against Kenya shilling the papers prices are expected to rise  by about 33% from the current rates. Sources are revealed that, most of the paper supplier in Kenya are holding papers  which are likely o be used during the period hoping to harvest more from their sticks when times comes. The papers that are expected to be in scarce or at high price are art paper ,bond paper (woodfree) among others.
The paper manufacturers who have been  speculating about the same have also hikes their paper exporting prices and this cost is expected to be transferred to the consumers of the printing works. Often do take caution when printing politician works since some don't pay or delayed payment please insist on down payment or a front.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Printing and offset Paper sizes

Printing paper sizes is determines in centimeters and inches.

A - Series Printing Paper Sizes

  1. A0 – Size
ü      91.4 x  107cm

  1. A1 – Sizes
ü      61x 86cm
ü      63.4 x 91.4 cm
ü      64 x 90cm
ü      63.4 x91.4cm

  1. A2 –Sizes
ü      43x 61 cm
ü      42 x 61cm
  1. A3 – Sizes
ü      31x 43 cm
ü      29.7 x 31 cm
  1. A4 – sizes
ü      21x 29.7cm

B- Series Printing Paper Sizes

i)                    A1 - 70x 100cm
ii)                   A2 - 51 x76 cm
iii)                 A3 - 38x 51 cm
iv)                 A4 - 25.5x 38 cm

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Printing of Posters and brochures in kenya

Most business can not dispute the role played by posters and brochures in marketing and advertising and more particularly in branding. A school may need a brochure to marketing its courses and posters to create awareness to general public. Printing of posters and brochures in Kenya should be a problem since almost major printers do print posters and brochures. The quality of a good poster or a brochures starts by doing a better designs, with creativity graphics among other key aspects.

 The quality of the printing may vary from one printing house to another and also depending on the experience of the operator and type of the papers used to print the posters and brochures. In most cases, the printing are done in full colours, since it may involve various images in the content. Printing companies in Kenya can either print poster by digital machines and through offset printing. Digital printing is often ideal when the quantity is small and offset printing is desire when the quantity of printing is large. In the case offset printing is undertaken , full colour procedures is often take up i.e colour separation, plate making  among others.
 The posters and brochures are commonly printed on art papers 90 – 150 Gsm or smooth bond papers of the same grammage. Those that intend to print posters should always proof read the content to be printed and indeed know that when printing large quantity of the posters is cheaper.
 To how much your poster will cost you send and email to or browse list of printing companies in Kenya HERE

Different types of Cards

Although many firms do not practice litho printing in Kenya, there a few companies which have create a brand in the same industry. Other than paper business cards which can be printed by Kenya printing firms, the following kind of card can be printed by Kenya printing firms  as  well, by either approaching the company premises or online.

Type of Cards that can be printed in Kenya printing industry  

Plastic Printing Cards – Many firms do print plastic cards for various reasons and more so depending on the purpose. Plastic cards are good when printed for identification, as gate pass and also for classy marketing aspects. The plastic cards are often durable and in many cases, it may include individual’s pictures and other details. A person wishing to print plastic cards in Kenya or other part of the world need to be as certain that the printing company offers the desired quality of printing and cards design attractive cards which matches the company colours.

Hotel Cards printing - Hotel and restaurant. Especially those with modernized facilities and have taste, they are finding use of hotel cards very effective more so in monitoring the services and activities in hotel. These cards can be printed by most of the printing companies in Kenya and any person or hotel that need the same have no reason to get worried. Most of the printing firms will often provide design and go ahead to print superior hotel key cards and other paper cards as well.

Gift cards Printing – gift cards can be printed on paper or plastics. A fancy design for this kind of printing is necessary as they should be appealing and able to great an exciting mood. Of recent days, the papers gift cards seem to be replaced by gift card printed by other materials. 

Wedding cards printing – this is probably the most printed cards in Kenya, after business cards. People do plan wedding now and then they need cards to invite the guest and in other scenarios for contribution purposes. A wedding cards design should match the wedding them with appropriate writing and use of special papers or any other material has desired by the clients. Most of the printing companies in Kenya would do wedding cards but a person should be advised where to get quality printing wedding cards as every firm would perform different.

Membership and contribution card printing – more often membership cards are printed on plastic or on hard paper i.e. paper with above 350gsm. On other hand since, contribution cards are often temporarily, they can be done on slightly light papers, like manila, art board among others. 

Pvc card printing – In a modern environment many firms and individual are opting to print PVC cards other than those on papers. This is due to the fact that they look decent and they are durable. A PVC card allows the company to cut down cards printing cost.

Whereas most of the printing company in Kenya can comfortably print this kind of cards, other firms may lack expertise and facilities to print some of the cards, thus it is wise to do a research before sending your order

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bond Paper

Bond paper which is also refered to uncooated woodfree papers is one of the frequentiy used paper in the printing industry and more so kenya and farica in general. The qualiy of bond papers is determined by  stiffness,texture, grammage, and indeed the brightness of the paper. The bond paper is often avaiable in various sizes which include:
·        A1 Size – 61 x 86 cm
·        A2 size - 43 x 61 cm
·        A3 size – 29.7 x 43  cm
·        A4 size – 21 x 29.7cm

The bond paper is usualy in the grammages of 50 – 120 gsm,however, it should be noted that bond paper which have lower grammages ,expeciaaly 50 gsm are commoly refered to as bank paper and on other hand, bond paper with gsm like bond 90 – 120 are commonly refered to as cartilage paper. Bond paper are imported into kenya market from egypt, china,portug,sweden,south Africa,India among other countries.

The quality of the bond paper imported in to kenya market various depending on the milers and indded the source. It has been observed that, printing industry in kenya consumes more of bond 80 gsm in A1 size and A4 than any other type of bond paper. Afew printing company i kenya have offset machines that take roll papers and thus they consume bond paper in form of reels.

 Uses of bond paper
 Bond paper in kenya is  mostily used by offset printers companies,in the daily office paper work and indeed on the photocopy machines i.e in A4 size. Just to mention a few, bond paper can be used to:
High quality Print books
a)      Educational material
b)      To produce copies e.g using deplicating/coying machine.
c)      Letter heads
d)      Business forms
e)      Print calenders
f)       Used in making diaries
g)      Campaigh mateias
h)      Publishing purposes
i)       Office stationeries
j)       Packaging e.g making white sacks,expecialy for packing food.
k)      Make envelopes
l)       Promotiona material e.g poster
m)    Bronchures  among others offset printing items

Bond paper is stocked by leading paper supplier and delaers in kenya and can be easily ontined from them. Those buying in large scale my get at afordable rate biiled in kilos while small consumer can buy in term   of reams. Unlike other products and imports into kenya market, bond prices and paper prices in kenya market is not constant and keeps on changing depending on the demand,avalibality, quality and indeed dolar exchange rate.

To purchase the bond paper in reels or sheeeted, you can visit the links.
      i)  Aviq suppliers
iii) Asl paper
iii) uneeco papers
For  free paper consultations and printing and concerns visit  PAPER/PRINTING INDUSTRY IN KENYA

Business Cards

Business cards plays a vital role as far building business contact are concern. Morever, we can not ignore the significance role it plays in generally marketing. Printing business card in kenya and designing them can almost be done with any printing press company. Business card can be printed both by offset printing and also digital printing. Bulk printing of business  card are cheap when done on offset while on other hand small printing in is economical done by digital printing.
A wel printed cards,should have good sharp colour,well organised with combination of company logos and printed using quality hard papers. Business cards should ideally be a representation if the company and more often are printed on the following papers: Art card, Cover board,Ivory board, Manilla among other special papers.
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