Top 10 Printing Companies in Kenya

The Top 10 Printing company in Kenya list  relies on:
i) Service delivery 
ii) Quality of the Printing services provided
iii) Equipment 

we shall keep this list updates from time to time to ensure we have the best of the kenya printing companies here 

Inkpaste Printers & Stationers
P.O Box 9024 00300
Nairobi, Kenya
Cell: 0724680008
Email: or
        Very professional and Fast email response

         Quick deliveries

         Excellent customer service

          Quality prints

Ramco Printing
P.O Box 27750 (00506) Nairobi, Kenya
Fax : +254 (20) 6535163/267

                Well equipped with machines

         Quality prints

        Variety of products 
Aviq Printers 
P.O box 2888 00200 Nairobi
Tel: 0739000220

         Top notch services

         Well equipped
Deviq  Global Designers
Telephone: 0704 600804

Known for high quality designs and publishing services
A first class Designer &Publishers in Kenya
Rodwell Press Ltd, The
P.O.Box: 65-00507 Viwandani
Tel: +254-2024710
ü  Quick delivery
ü  Quality prints

Modern Lithographic (K) Ltd
Telephone: 254 20 531887/8
industrial area Nairobi

ü  Well equipped

mwafrika Press & Publishers
web: www.

ü        quality books printing services
Kul Graphics Ltd
P.O.Box: 18095-00500
Tel: +254-206530886
Fax: +254-206532990

ü  Well equipped, highly ranked designers
Smart Printers Limited
P.O. BOX 8317 - 00300
Tel. No.: +254 20 � 3745533/4
Mobile: +254 20 3745513
Fax No.: 020 - 3745513

ü  Excellent printing and packaging services
Majestic Printing Works Ltd
P.O.Box: 42466-00100 Nairobi GPO
Tel: +254-20650530
Mobile: 733650650
ü  Well equipped

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  1. i agree with this listing, inkpaste printers are the best people to work with, top printing services and good customer service.

    i would recommend and they the best printing company in kenya

    1. Hi, Iam new around here. I can agree with this post since last week I emailed various printers in Nairobi to give me a quote about a printing job I want to undertake, but only Inkpaste replied, and their quotation was quite fair.

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  3. Mark Smith, thanks for kind works.

  4. There another printing company with excellent services and timely delivery that you missed out. The Print Experts Ltd. we started working with them after being disappointed by other printing companies, some of which are on this list! Since we started working with them, we have no complaints, atleast not yet.

    1. Thanks for these posting,but i have never heard of such printing company in Kenya, that may be the reason why it is not posted here, where is the printing company located?

  5. i have done my printing works in Nairobi from here in United kingdom, with Ramco, Inkpaste printers and Aviq printers. but none of then can meet inkpaste printers and Stationers starndard

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  7. Inkpaste printers are the best

  8. Inkpaste printers and stationers, they are the best. i agree with this listing, we do alot of conference material with them and they don't disappoint.

  9. Anyone knows a company which does printing on aluminium foils,like those of tea packaging?

    1. you ca talk to hebatulla / pressmasters or engraving companies on kirinyaga rd,just after globe round about.

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  10. very good to hear this much press, how you peoples are getting consumables and spare parts.
    we are one of the well supplier of consumables and machines from uae.

  11. Banners can help you promote your products in a more condensed format, similar to what billboard advertising can offer you.

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  12. I have done my printing with Elegant Printing Works Limited and i was really impressed with their quality, services and timely delivery. Have had no complaints and customer service is excellent.

  13. inkpaste printers did our bronchures for the GESKenya2015 in kenya and it was of very good quality. i recommend them

  14. I also did some work with ipress ltd and their quality is excelent!!!

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  16. Inkpaste Printers and Stationers they are the best. what i like about them is genuineness, they deliver on time and quality print. i have done the following items with them and i have never been disappointed: business cards,invoices books,receipt books, manila folders, conference material,letter heads,labels,brochures and posters. looking forward for long term relationship.

  17. don't be relied to by the big press companies, they talk big but they will delay and finally give poor job. after several disappointed i have come to agree Inkpaste printers are the best. short time deliveries,affordable and great printing services.

  18. I am from Dubai and when we organize for conference at pride center in Nairobi,we were looking for a quick printing company in Kenya who will not disappoint us since we had very short time to do note books,banners,roll ups,t -shirts,folders,pens branding we wanted a printing firm that can do us good job and shortest time possible,and we did not regret by allowing Inkpaste to work with us. I recommend them to anybody, they trust worthy.

  19. i wanted urgent receipt books and invoices and Inkpaste printers did them within the same day. they very quick. i commend them.

  20. I reside from Tanzania, Arusha. i would love to mention that Inkpaste Printers and stationers did our campaign posters and delivered to them Arusha. anybody can trust them with their money. I love their service.

  21. kindly contact me Cynthia,

  22. Have been in contact with several Kenya printers for a book but none replied except Inkpaste. However, even Inkpaste have not responded to my follow up emails. Who is the right contact there. Anyone out there?

    1. Inkpaste Printers: talk to sales Dept 0724680008

  23. Hi@anynonymous (2december 2015) are best printing company in Zimbabwe provides printing services at international standards with quality printing and very affordable prices.Email us your printting specs and we quote you.Remember to give us your local currency identity.