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Posters printing Prices in Kenya

Many people do get confused between posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures and stickers in most cases when they making their printing orders, or even explaining their requirements. The true of the matter is, poster is often printed on one side, and is either placed on public places or given if the sizes is either A5, OR A4. However, on other hand, brochures and often printed both side and mostly folded, once, twice or thrice.

Printing posters in Kenya
Posters are one of the products that are commonly ordered in Kenya for printing. The good things are that, most of the top printing companies in Kenya and even small printers do undertake poster printing services. However, depending on the machines the printing firm has other mat be limited to some sizes of posters they can print. As a matter of facts, most of the printing companies in Kenya would easily print A5- A3 size without any problem. This is because an average printing company in Kenya has either digital or offset printing machines that can perform A5, A4,OR A3 posters. You can peruse on the printing companies directories to check which printing company can perform your task well, without compromising on the quality of the print.

Posters printing machines
Depending on the size posters can be printed on several machines.
1)      Digital printing machines – most people o printing firms do use digital printing technology when the prints are just a few pieces. It is not economical to print 1- 150 pcs of posters on offset machines. Although, digital printing has several advantages, it is good to note most of the digital printing machines can only print up to A3 SIZE, thus making it ok to printing A5, A4 and A3 posters.
2)      Offset printing machines – most of the offset printing machines own by Kenyans top printing companies can print posters from A5 , A4, A3,A2 ,A1 and even A0. Even with this in mind, it economical to print at least 1000 PCS OF posters on offset machines. This offset printing machines are ideal for long runs, and bulk poster printing services.
3)      Large format printing machines- if someone what bigger posters, i.e. A1 but on small quantity he may have option of doing it on large format. The only difference is that, when posters are printed on large format. The prices are charged per m2 and not per ream or Pcs as it is on digital printing or offset printing services.

Posters papers
Most of the posters are printed on the following papers:
1)      Art paper – Either gloss or matte and Mostly full colour posters
2)      Bond paper – not in most cases
3)      Newsprint papers – mostly on one colour publicity posters.

Posters Prices in Kenya 

The prices of poster may vary from one printer to another due to the following reason:
1.       The  type of machines used -  if  the posters quotation is bases on digital printing the prices may be higher than compared to those printed on offset printing. Moreover, printing posters on one colour machines at a type and four colour offset printing machines may vary greatly.
2.       Size – The prices of A4, A3, A2 OR A1 posters will always be different. A4 may be cheaper compared to A2 due to paper size different, as a result of paper pricing and printing runs
3.       Paper prices and Gsm- the heavy the paper the more it is costly and poster prices, vary depending on the prices the printing company get from the papers suppliers and the GSm in which the client what his or her posters printed on. Most average posters are on art paper 130gsm and 150 gsm.
4.       Quantity – offset printing is often determined by quantity, more the quantity the less the price and vice versa.
5.       Quality the posters being printed – well printed posters, well design on quality paper may be expensive as compared to cheap printing. Moreover, a full colour poster may be costly that a one or two colour poster printing.

Here is an averages poster printing prices in Kenya market
i)                    Digital printing poster prices
Ksh 20- 35
Ksh 40 - 50
ii)                  Offset printing poster prices
Ksh 8- 15
Ksh 12 - 25

NB; the above prices will depend on the printer’s profit margin and quantity ordered. Remember, quality posters are as a good a quality designs and papers used. Printing services in Nairobi.


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