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Printing process

unlike digital printing and computer printing where an individual may just click and send the document to a printers , things are different when comes to offset printing printing. Offset printing is set of events, where one step lead to another before the final output is produced i.e That is pre- press and press itself. Printing process is guided by the following procedures.

  1. Designing – This entails converting the document to be printed to graphics or rather in soft copy. This necessary since the same document need to be used to procedure soft films or paper plates for that matter.

  1. Proof – a sample of what is to be printed is then provided for proof reading or amendment if any. Due to producing a proof by offset printing is costly thus this is often done by digital printing.

  1. Colour separations – although not all job will require co lour separations, this is mandatory for full colour job. During this process, colours are identified and arranged in schedule in order to achieve final colours and out put. indeed poor separation will always lead to poor output.

  1. Plates and film – after separation , the designed work is produced to the films which are in turn used to give printing plates. This may vary on size and quantity depending on the machine being used for printing and the type of job to be printed. For example one colour one may need only one and full requires four to five plates

  1. The offset printing Activities now starts when the plates are registered in the printing machine. The stages and procedures at this point depends with operator,the type of printing machine and number of colour being printed and what the machine can hold at a go.

  1. Finishing – This is probably the final stage in printing, this may vary from job to job, but activities May include, cutting and trimming,binding,perforation,creasing,folding, uv vanish,numbering etc

It worth noting implied services and stages has been ignored, for instance packaging ,sourcing for business and so. Most the offset printing job will undergo the said procedures.

Services and Products By Kenya Printers

The services offered by one printing firm in Kenya may vary greatly from one another. Although a full offset printing company may offer vast range of the product and services small firm tend to concentrate on one areas.
Other printing many firm in Kenya do supply office stationeries as well, which go hand in hand with printing works. For example Inkpaste Printers and Stationers and medallion enterprises in Nairobi Kenya are suppliers of printing works,office and school stationery and dealers in offset and computers printing papers. However, in other hand company like Allpack industries, ASL packaging and East Africa Packaging have specialized in packaging alone. As matter of facts the following services are done by most of the printing companies in Kenya.

  • Letter Heads
  • Business Cards
  • Books
  • Educational Material And Exams
  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Cartons
  • Chipboard Boxes
  • Calenders
  • Receipts/Delivery/Invoice Books
  • Promotion Items
  • Plastic Cards
  • Magazines And Newsletters
  • CD covers
  • functions and invitation cards
and others

Monday, 27 February 2012

Printing HOT spot in Kenya

Although printing business has spread allover Kenya in all counties and provinces we can not denied the fact that Nairobi is the hub of printing business in Kenya. From the Central business, industrial and its environ printing is all the corners of town. For example inkpaste printers in own, ramco printing on Mombasa road, Bizone at industrial,Baricho industries on jogoro road , yastat printers at baba dogo, and Kenya litho at mlolongo. It is with no doubt at every point of Nairobi region. There are unlimited printing ad press firms.

The following areas are know to the Printing HUB in Nairobi, I.e from computer printing, digital printing, offset printing, designing and finishing activities.
  1. River Roads
  2. Sheikh Karume Street
  3. Jansala
  4. Kijabe Street
  5. Gariama Road
  6. cross road
  7. and industrial area
The areas mentioned are hot spot, however, other places are emerging day by day. It has been observed, the type of machine and individuals has determines greatly where to located his printing business. Full printing press and independent are likely to be in industrial or out skirt of Nairobi. Small printers and whose consumption of space and power is low are likely to be at the Central Business District.

Top 50 Printers in Kenya

There are  many printing firms in Kenya that have shown great excellence in the printing industry and moreso in providing exceptional printing services in Kenya.. The list is long however contain such companies without any specific order.
The following are among the BEST top 50 printers (printing companies in Kenya) in Kenya

2.      Aviq printers -  aviqprinters@gmail.com
3.     De Interbarnd House - interbrandhouse@gmail.com
4.      Ramco Printing
5.     Kulgraphics
6.     Rodwell Press
7.     Kenya Litho
8.     Solo Worldwide
9.     Moven Kester
10. Kalzmart
11. Icon Printers
12. Stima Printers
13. Stallion Manufacturers
14. Economic Industries
15. Ipress Ltd
16. Kenafric Diaries Manufacturers
17. Pressmasters Ltd
18. Colour Packaging
19. Karatansi Industries
20. Brand Printers
21. Kisumu National Printing Press
22. Kitale Printers
23. Colourprint
24. Manipal International Press
25. Pareto Printing Works
26. Acme Press
27. Lino Typesetters
28. Printing Industries
29. Printwell
30. Modern Litho
31. Graphic And Allied
32. Print Maxim
33. Smart Printers
34. Kenafric Industries
35. Vimit
36. Paper Converters
37. Penta Converters
38. Rainbow Manuafcturers
39. Bizone Printers
40. Adpack International
41. Yastat Printers
42. East Africa Packaging
43. All Pack Industries
44. Asl Packaging
45. Green Wood Printers
46. Majestic Printers
47. Talent Graphics
48. Zakuna Printers
49. Elite Offset Printers
50. Fortune Printers

For more list of printing companies in Kenya click here

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Printing in Kenya

Over the years printing business in Kenya has proved to be a lucrative business. Kenyans has stopped see printing from the point of a HP printers to mass production of documents, indeed, the cost of producing paper and paper works in the office,schools and other environment has forced the businessmen and individuals to look for an alternative, thus printing in Kenya I.e offset printing,digital printing,computer printing and others forms . Unlike the last where only a few printing press where owned by a few Asia, printing is now has been commercialized all the Kenya. Moreover, printing in Kenya has grown rapidly from the out skirt of Nairobi city to other region of the country.

Printing in Kenya faces varies challenges, this is due to the fact that most of the printing papers are imported from overseas. I.e from china,Egypt,south Africa, India, and other parts of Europe. Since the cost and taxes associated with importation of papers in very unbearable the same cost are passed to the client and making printing in Kenya costly.

There are some consideration a an individuals should look into before starting printing business in Kenya. This factors may include
  1. Source of papers
  2. Targeted clients
  3. Cost of business I.e permits and rents
  4. Type of machine and equipment
  5. Operators and technicians
  6. Labours
  7. Government taxes and others
learning from the already exiting printing firms and press companies can be a very noble idea for startups. There quite a number of successful printers in Kenya and just to name a few: inkpaste printers and stationers, ramco printing, Rodwell press, kenyalitho,government press, regal press,solowidewide,majestic printers,kalzmart security printers,Medalion enterprise, ips printers,stallion manufacturers, inter labels,kulgraphics,press masters and many others.