Friday, 31 August 2012

Photocopy papers

Photocopy a paper which is also referred to as copy papers or bond 80gsm A4 size is probably the most consumed papers in Kenya market. It is believed most of the office papers work in Kenya offices is done on the photocopy papers. Most of you would agree with me, photocopy papers are part of every stationary shop and printing paper supplier in Kenya and the Nairobi central business district or rather at any part of the country.

Although, any quality copy papers with good texture and brightness is likely to be used in the Kenya market, there are a few brands which are common and known to many and this photocopy papers include:

I)                    Paper one
II)                  Mondi
III)                Chamex
IV)               Top kopie /top copy
V)                 Xerox
VI)               Double A
VII)             E- Paper
VIII)           Azar
IX)                Jacana
X)                  Laser copier
Copy papers are commonly used in Kenya to copy, using the photocopy machine in A4 and A3 size. The papers are also used with offset printing machine, computer/ digital printing among other uses. It good to note photocopy papers are merely bond paper but in A4 OR A3 size.

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