Sunday, 17 May 2015

Giant Printing Companies in Kenya

It is with no doubt that printing in Kenya has grown rapidly in the last few years than most of the neighboring countries in east Africa region. However, we can not ignore Rwanda which is making good progress as far printing and paper industry is concern. Even a completion and rather is rampant in Kenya printing market, there are have been outstanding printing companies which still have maintain their status of being Giant printing companies.
What do mean by giant printing company:
i)                     This is the printing company that has shown great capability of handling printing services
ii)                   The printing company that great market shares with huge list of satisfied customers
iii)                  Well equipped production printing machines and related supportive machines
iv)                  Reputation and corporate social responsibility
v)                   Quality printing services and customer services
The list below therefore, with no specific order is some of the biggest printing companies in Kenya  
·         Ramco printing
·         Majestic printing
·         Kulgraphics limited
·         Rodwell press
·         Print fast
·         Regal press
·         Graphics lineups
·         Press masters limited
·         De interbrand house  -
·         Lavinda printers
·         English press
·         Ken Afric Diaries 
.    Parxart printing services  -

However, you should not confuse this list with the best printing company in Kenya, because the top printing companies in Kenya are not necessarily the Giant printing company in Kenya. It is worth noting there small printing companies in Nairobi CBD which are also applauded for doing very quality printing jobs.

Quick printing companies in Kenya

My name MCkelvin I reside in united stated, but have several project in do in Kenya and thus I do seek printing services time to time for the projects in Kenya. I have Worked with different printing companies in Kenya to do my receipt books, Business cards, Branded envelopes, books, magazines, newsletters, tickets, vouchers among others.  Since my time is always short in Kenya I often need the printers company that can do quick printing services of my task.

I had severally disappoint, especially with Big company which don’t care, but I have worked with the below companies and I can say with certain that they are the best printing companies  when you want your job to be handle on the shortest time possible.

1        Inkpaste Printers & Stationers    Cell- 0724680008 Email:
g       Geoffrey printing services    -
2       Da’ Interbrand House                - interbrandhouse

3       Aviq Printers                              -
The above printing companies have turnround of 1- 3 days maximum and same day printing at extra cost.  I hope this list will help you in getting your printing services in shortest time as possible.