Saturday, 8 June 2013

Printing Papers Prices In Kenya

Printing papers are essential material for printers in all the world and Kenya is not exceptional. Printers in Kenya, largely  uses imported papers from Europe and more especially papers from Sweden, china, Egypt ,south Africa among other states. Most of the papers imported in Kenya include bond paper, both reeled and sheeted, NCR (carbonless paper),copy papers / photocopy papers and newsprint paper.
With that in mind, the exchange rate and cost of shipment has been a big factor that causes the prices of paper in Kenya to go up and down. However, with the recent rate of dollar against Kenya shillings, leaves nothing  to speculate. It has been observed the dollar has been between 83 – 85 for quite some time this has been reflected on the prices of printing papers in Kenya. Printers in Kenya have something to smile about. Some of the kind of papers that have seen great price reduction in the market is photocopy papers. By June 2013,the copy papers was retailing from Ksh 310 -340 per ream (A4) 500 pcs depending on the demand. This was a big reduction, from earlier prices from ksh 350 – 400 per ream. This implies the printing cost, will go down and the end consumers will also feel the impact.
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  1. thanks, where are you located in Nairobi and which is the buying price(wholesale prices for bulk reams.)? thanxs

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