Thursday, 16 April 2015

Copy papers / photocopy papers

Copy papers or photocopy papers is one of the most used papers in Kenya market. Those in stationary business do confess that the demand of copy paper is not easy counter it since it is huge. The most consumed paper is 80 gsm A4 and A3 size. All offices, school, university, colleges, government institution, stationary shops, printing company etc in one way or another need copy paper.

Supply of copy paper
Having in mind that 99.3 % of paper supplies in Kenya are imported, it clear there is often scarcity and unsteady supply of the copy paper in the Kenya market. A few paper importers and suppliers have tried to brand local bond 80 gsm but this has played minimum role in curbing the demand since, a lot of copy paper consumers in Kenya are royal to certain brands.

Copy Paper prices
Due to unsteady supplies of copy papers in Kenya market and sometimes dollar rates against Kenya shillings. The prices of copy papers have never been constant in Kenya market that thus they keep on changing now and then.

However local prices have been always in these ranges, depending on the brand and places of origin. KSH 250 – 400 (EXCLUSIVE OF VAT) #Printingpapersin kenya