Saturday, 13 December 2014


Most of the printing companies in Kenya have started started putting off their printing machines for Christmas break and indeed to Usher in another printing year 2015. when we check diaries that we have printed, memo we have branded and calenders and other promotional material we have done, nothing is far from the truth, just a few days remaining to say good bye to 2014.

 The admin of these blog, walked to many printing companies in Kenya we support to survey and access what is happening in the printing and paper field and he was able to gather the following regarding printing companies in Kenya 2014 or and general observation of printing industry in Kenya and East Africa.

I) that 2014 was a bad year for most of the printing companies in Kenya, some of the concern raised was that the obvious seasonal business was not witnessed like other years. for instances very few company did wall and desk calenders for 2015 on the month of october - december 2014.

11) the prices of the printing material was very unpredictable, that was up and down and sometimes very expensive. some material were total out of supply especially the most used papers.most of the stationary suppliers,said that copy paper supplies was a big concern from international suppliers.

III) Dolar rates against Kenya shillings, affected business baldy and more so the imports in the Kenya market and in the region.

we hope to discuss more concern comes early January. let keep printing.

best printing sites in Kenya

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


201 Offset printing Machine for sale

Country: Kenya. Nairobi
Type : 201 machine
Condition: excellent condition and in production
Price : Ksh 280,000
Contact : (+254) (0)704 600804

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Inkpaste Printers and Stationers has 16,000 (2 Containers) Reams of copy paper / photocopy paper for sales which is expected in Nairobi by 3rd week of August.

The brand of the photocopy paper are supper quality brands:  Paper one and double AA.

Wholesale prices - Ksh 310 - 320 (depending on the quantity)
Retail -Ksh 330 - 360

To place your Order for the photocopy paper , call 0724 680 008 or email  /

Note: Only  those who will confirm their order in advance will be allocated the photocopy papers.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Printing Machines in kenya - How Abdick works

if you want to venture in Exam printing business in Kenya, small one colour job, then the ABDICK printing machines is the best for such jobs. the machines has less maintenance costs and they spare parts of the abdick printing machines are often available in Kenya market.


Logo Designs

Logo plays a vital role in branding and overall creation of companies’ images. A good logo should have reflection of the organization in mind as well the products and services being involved.  Many urge that a good  logo should be simple and clear while the leading graphic designers put that best logo should both complex and simple depending on the industry among others aspects.

A logo full of creativity and originality with the companies industry in mind and products and services has been said to be all the best logo.

Type of logo designs
Logo designs can take various forms, which can be either letter focus design, image logo or both aspects incorporated in the logo design creation.
Some of the known best logos include:
Coca cola, Unilever, Nike, Samsung, Safaricom, Mtn among others 

Logo Design in Kenya      
Logo design in Kenya and done by the printing companies in Kenya or the graphic and web designers firms. Moreover, a person can design his logo free online using available free logo design software’s. Below are some of the companies that can produce you excellent logo design:

1.      Deviq global designers – email:
2.      Inkpaste Printers & Stationers - email :
3.      Ramco printing   email :

Other list of printing companies and in Kenya and printing services in Kenya can be found on the link HERE

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Consideration for a Printing Quote

When you need a quote for printing services in kenya, here are things you should note:

i) Very few printing company are online often and thus your email may take time to responded to. however, there has been agood review about Inkpaste Printers , aviq printers, paxart printing, Ramco printing among other printing firms in kenya which respond quote fast.

ii) always when requesting for a offset printing quote, you need to provide, the type of the item required (e.g magazine,posters,fyers,receipt book) qunatity of the prints needed, number of printing colour that appears on the item to be printed.

ii) if your request for a printing quote take long.always follow up by a phone call.

it worthy to note most of the printing company in Kenya, offer excellent printing services, however, be carefully in letting the right printing company handle your printing task. consider the Top ,leading printing companies in Kenya or the quickest printing companies in Kenya so as not to be disappointed

To get a printing quote, CLICK HERE

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Printing Companies in Kenya

A recently research has shown that most of the printing companies in Kenya are owned by Asian OR Kenyan with Asian origin.Although the question has been, why? There a number of Top printing companies in Kenya which are owned and directed by Kenyan and other businessmen from different part of the world. Such great printing companies which are not own by asian include Inkpaste printers & stationers, English press among other middle sized printing companies in Kenya.
Let see which printing companies are owned by Kenyan with asian origin or Asian:
-          Ramco printing
-          Aviq printers
-          Pressmaster Kenya
-          Zakuna printers
-          Printwell
Among others
This may be associated with the funding factor and technicality know hoe, since most of the asian have vast technicality knowledge on the printing machines.
To get list of printing companies in Kenya Click HERE

Printing Labels / Stickers

Item labels and stickers are common products printed by Kenyan printing companies. Manufacturing company want to brand your products and good and thus label / sticker plays a great role in doing the same.
Type of labels
Thermal labels
Art paper labels
Die cut labels
Wet look labels
To get quality label printing services in Kenya, make sure to order from the right printing companies. Most labels are spot and full colour and printed on self adhesive paper. Good label is as good as quality graphic design. The cost of Label printing in Kenya vary from one printing company to another, however, the price may greatly depend on the quantity of the label ordered.

Receipt Book Printing in kenya

Receipt books are used to confirm payment; however, this should not be confused with Invoice. Receipt book, invoice book, delivery and petty cash/ vouchers are common aspects of business documentation
Receipt books sizes
Receipt can be printed and customized to various sizes depending on the needs of the users and type of the receipts. Receipt books come in the sizes of A6, A5, A4 and others are odd sizes.
Type of receipt book
Official receipts- this is often in A6 form and it is serialized.
Cash sale – severally receipts in A4 , may be 2- 8 outs in one leaf of A4
Receipt / invoice – Combined features of invoice and receipts together

Printing of receipt book in Kenya can be done with printing company that offer offset printing services in Kenya. Most Kenyan and people residing in east Africa do print A6 receipt books.

To have your receipt book printed in Kenya email or

To order a receipt book / invoice/delivery/cash sale/vouchers etc in Kenya click here

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Web VS sheet fed Printing machines

The video below will vividly explain the different of web and sheeted fed printing machines as explained by after thier visit on several countries.


Friday, 1 August 2014

Scarcity of Bond 70gsm paper and newsprint 48.8 gsm

Apparently it has emerged that there is scarcity of bond paper 70gms and newsprint paper 48.8 gsm. Bond 70gsm is commonly used in Kenya market to print text books, publications, business forms among other printed stationary. It has emerged that most of the paper supplier in Kenya on the month of June, July and early august did not have the paper or they had a few reams in stock which they were selling at very high prices.
Moreover, the newsprint paper which often used to print primary school exercise books, newspapers, exams among other stationary is scarce in the Kenyan paper and printing market. This scarcity of the two paper have seen printing companies in Kenya having different in supplier their frequency order on time and forced to shoot their prices since, the a few paper in the Kenyan market Is costly.
On other hand, the paper supplier in Kenya have started plans to import the paper in bulk so as to support their consumer and more so the printing companies in Kenya  so they can do their normal printing services without being affected.
You can check with the leading paper supplier in Kenya.

Inkpaste Printers &Stationers saved my day

I found myself in very tight situation the other day and since Inkpaste printers & stationers helped, I felt wise to share out and also recommend user to get their printing services in Kenya to Inkpaste printers.
I will be wedding this August and since hope to invite people form far and even outside Kenya, I wanted to an ecard for online wedding invitation card and a printed version to give to people local.  My friend had told me printing this stuff can be challenging and thus I contracted a printing company to design and make the two type (ecard and hard copy of wedding invitations) of cards early march this year, I believe the printing guy so much has the guaranteed within one month my cards will be ready for collection, so I did not bother pushing them even after they had delayed for 2 month. End week of july I decide to go to the printing company and find out that what they had printed was just crap and could not be used. Don’t want to go to many story, but i found Inkpaste printers Contacts on PRINTING IN KENYA blog, I contacted via email, they responded very first and within 3 days I had may amazing wedding invitation cards, well printed with theme colour and quality paper and they even offered fair prices than the previous disappointing printing company.
I just wanted to let the readers know, if don’t want to be let down, Inkpaste printers & stationer is the place to go. Get them on Iam Now distributing my invitation cards and iam happy.
Rose murage
Karen , Nairobi

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Best Printing Company in Kenya

I read about an article about best printing kenya on the site PRINTING IN KENYA and  after doing some printing with the first 3 listed company company this is want i come to learn about printing companies i n kenya:

1. one big printing companies they dont deliver on time, this because they have alot of work.
2. They dont take small order, apart from inkpaste printers & stationers, the rest have minimum order they take.
3. Big printing firm they dont respond to emsil or they take too long to do so.
4. They dont care about small customers

But after working with aviq printers and Inkpaste printers i would recommend them. they do good job and they deliver on time.

Hussein  from Mombasa, kenya


Reading culture is quickly developing in Kenya and this has seen a number of authors in Kenya publish hundred and thousand of different type of books, although religion books are on the rise, we cannot deny that education books leads in publication and circulation as well. Publish in Kenya is very easy if the author / writer is working with the right publisher or printing company in Kenya.
It is good to note not all printing company in Kenya, provide books publishing services, do your research well. Some of the printing companies that I know do well in books publishing in Kenya include: Inkpaste printers, Aviq printers, English press and Ramco printing.
Note that the good book start from the manuscript, design and printing and binding and one step may mess the all book and thus the process of books publishing and printing should be taken with great keenest.


Friday, 18 July 2014


EXPO EAST 2014 AFRIPACK  in Nairobi (Kenya) is here and the following will be displayed.
 -          Machines for producing SOS shoppers, boutique bags and industrial bags
-          Bag making machines for flat bottom bags
-          Industrial sack lines
-          Flexos and Rotogravures
-          Machines for napkins , handkerchiefs, hygienic rolls, industrial rolls
-          Paper machines for paper mills
-          Tissue rolls complete lines
-          Slitter, Sheeters, Embossers
-          Laminators (solventless and solvent based)
-          Unwinders and Rewinders
-          Offset machines
-          Plastic bag welding machines
-          Guillotines
-          Extruders
-          Die cutters
-          Machines for gift wrap rolls
-          Machinery for corrugated boxes

Free free to attend the EXPORT AT kick Nairobi