Thursday, 22 May 2014

Photocopy papers prices in Kenya

Copy paper or rather photocopy papers has many call it, is one of the most consume paper in Kenya market by both printing forms, corporate world among other sectors. However, as many would agree it has been almost impossible to predict or have a constant photocopy papers prices in Kenya. This is because the prices of copy papers depreciate time to time and vice versa and often the prices of the copy papers are controlled by demand.
Supplier of photocopy papers in Kenya market on other hand has no fix prices for the papers. As when the prices changes, the supplier follow suite and adjust as well. After a few years of observation and experience of selling copy papers, i found the following model of prices to be true.

a)      Photocopy papers prices – when demand is high
Wholesale per ream ksh 350 and retail between ksh 380 – 450
b)      Photocopy papers prices – low season / when demand is low
Wholesale prices per ream ksh 280 -300 and retail ksh 320 -340
c)       Best deal of photocopy paper
Ksh 200 – 250

Note; the prices may vary from supplier and the brand.


  1. Someone link me up with the 200/= supplier

    1. Kindly, can the contacts of the supplier.