Saturday, 3 May 2014

Buying printing machine in Kenya

It is with no doubt printing industry in Kenya and related activities have grown over the past decade. These new development in printing field has seen emerge of new press and printing companies in Kenya both small and large. A lot of printing brokers have also dipped themselves in the industry with a full swing. Printing in general is a very wide field, which include designing, pre –press activities, digital printing, large format printing, screen printing, offset printing and web printing. These different types of printing section this implies every area has machines involved in it and if someone need to engage himself all the printing field in Kenya, should have billion of Kenya shillings.
Buying commercial printing machine
Unavailability of commercial printing machines in Kenya market and also prices associated with them has been a huge hindrance of printing industry growth in Kenya. This problem has forced many printing company in Kenya to opt in buying either second hand machines or small printing machines. Most of the printers in Kenya would agree, it almost impossible to get new offset printing machine in Kenya market. What happen however, is that most of the printing companies in Kenya do import their machines from England, UK and china and it has seen been established most of them are used machines. On other hand, the small printers and new press company source and buy their printing machine locally in which most of them are used machines.

Available machines printing in Kenya
The common available printing machines in Kenya are normal computer printers; name them, the HP, EPISON, etc. On other others hand digital printing machines have flooded the printing field in Kenya. Especially, the KONICAH (BIZ hub) and the most respected Xerox digital printing machines.
In the last a few years, there have been a lot of large format printing machines in the Kenya market, especially the ROWLAND model. There is a number of small offset printing machines in Kenya, which most of them are used machines. For instance, there availability of printing machines like Gestestner 201 machines and small Abdic machines and a few GTO A3 machines which are supplied by Heldberg Company.
Scarce printing machines in Kenya market
Getting commercial offset machines in Kenya market has been a big problem for some hear; such machines include flexo, web and the printing machines that can print A2 size and more size.

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