Thursday, 9 May 2013

Jobs in Printing Industry

Printing is one of the most complex industry  to work in. although with the modern technology coming day by day most of the manual task has been slashed off thus a few people loosing jobs. However, it would be unfair to say there is no job in print industry. Printing involves graphics designs, digital printing ,offset printing, screen printing, large format printing among others. With this wide range of printing in mind, it goes that professionals in printing industry will never lack job when they have good s skills and experience.
Printing industrial provides a variety and diverse of job opportunities ranging from pre - press job, machine operations and print finishing jobs. Printing is always a process and this process involves activities which required human resources. For instance a printing firm would employees designers to produce artworks. Colour separation and film making process requires manpower and  jobs in print  field can avail in this area. Finishing activities, more so on offset printing  provide wide range of print finishing jobs, which included numbering of documents, binding, lamination, coating, cutting, creasing, perforation among others.
There various factors that can be used to gauge the job opportunities in a printing company in the united kingdom.  First of all, the united kingdom has one of the most reputable offset printing firms in the world and list of such firms are long enough to absorb many people who have skill in the field. Publishing and print media has and still contributing great in the employing various human resource to fill the jobs in the print media. However, it is worth noting, the jobs in print industry may be available or absence depending on the type of machines being used by firm or most of the printers in the united kingdom. Moreover over, most of the task in the printing filed, especially offset printing finishing jobs are manuals and where the firms had advanced machine or has employed use of technology then the number of people that are likely to be employ in such a firm are less.
Those people that are likely to get the job in the printing industry are those that are bale to couple with fast a changing technology in the fields. For instance, unlike the past where only way to print on an offset making you had to have a film to make a plate, there technology has provided CTP (Computer to plate) which does not require use of film. Moreover, the employers are likely to give the print jobs to the people who have experience with the facilities the firm has. Thus on hand skills and experience of great essence in this field.
It has been observed, there deficiency of skilled and experience professional to run most of the machinery in the printing fields. However, on the other hand, the has been a big number of people who have done graphic design courses , whom plays a vital role in printing industry. It is the responsibility therefore for those seeking to be employed in the industry to join the appropriate forum in order to get the jobs in the print industry.

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