Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Printing company in Kenya Avoids Government works

Government of Kenya and more so the county governments do use huge volume of stationary, printing papers, and printed items thus, such entities has been attracting attention from all the printing companies in Kenya and stationary suppliers. However, with the relates news that govern of Kenya is having cash flow problem major printing companies and suppliers are shy off the government tenders since most of the printing jobs done has not been paid for over a period of time. With the 2015/2016 tenders on the roof most of the printing company prefer not to bid as they fear delayed payment which looming both national and county government.
On other hands, this has created business opportunity to the  emerging business people, youth and women , brokers and briefcase companies who are new in the industry.

It has our prayers that government will raise to occasion and stabiles things as it fight corruption.

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