Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Need to Start Printing Business in Kenya

Printing industry in Kenya has over the years revolved and it is becoming very dynamic day by day.  With this in mind, anybody who needs to start printing business in Kenya needs not only need to understand the technicality of the business and related printing industry aspects but also the environment.
Printing is very wide and you may need to identify which area you want to major in. for instance you would be willing to venture into offset printing, digital printing, large format and branding, screen printing or graphic designs.

Moreover, it is important to understand the following:
Raw material: knowing which kind of raw material you need and where they are applicable it vital to starting your printing business. For example, if you into offset printing you need to understand where to get offset paper like newsprint, bank, Ncr, art paper etc. trying to find the raw material that are commonly use will allow you to shop appropriately.
Suppliers – identify suppliers of the items you may need for the business, in most cases three. Negotiate credit facilities where possible.
Others - Learner from already people in the business, gather information what other printing firm are doing and grasp what can be relevant to your business.
Finally learn the all process involved in the trade to have a upper hand while negotiating business. It important to note printing is a high risk business and a lot of keenness is required

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