Sunday, 19 August 2012

Selling printing products in Kenya

Printing businesses, whether computer, digital or offset printing cannot be successful, unless proper selling tactics and marketing are employed. Unlike other countries were printing activities is common and thus people with the printing skills are limited, things are total in printing business in Kenya since a few people have knowledge of printing trade in Kenya and more specially offset printing. With this in mind, printing practice in Kenya has become a big challenge not only to the printing industry but also to the printing firm owners in knew seeking well qualified personnel to sell printing products.
A good sales person would be very instrumental in selling printing products in Kenya and thus the following aspects are vital when considering or hiring a sales person in printing field in Kenya and other parts.
i)                    The sales person should be well conversant with the selling process and ability to convert leads into business. Concerns like printing quotation and tendering process is very importance
ii)                   Printing business is wides, and thus a sales person should understand other areas well and be able to distinguish them. For instance bale to determine which work needs colour separation needs to be done by digital printing or offset printing.
iii)                 Understanding the diverse printing material and more so various printing papers is very importance for sales person in Kenya printing fields not only in Kenya but also in to her countries as well. Being conversant with common papers used in Kenya printing filed would be a plus to the sales person as it will give him easy job when making a quotation. There papers which should be at finger tips of a sales person in Kenya and this papers may include: bond paper,ncr papers,manila,sticker (Oji/ Adestor, tick tack),Wood free peper,brown Kraft, newsprint papers, bank paper, mg covers, white lined chipboard, duplex, art paper and boards, cover boards, art cards among others offset printing papers.
iv)                 Combination of experience in paper industry and printing would be very vital for any person wishing to work or hire a sales person in printing business in Kenya. It may be difficult to find people with this combination of skills in Kenya and a few who are there are expensive to employ.
Other sales person skills and traits should not be ignored, like aggressive, smartness, good communication skills among other. Printing industry in Kenya is growing day by day and also changing with introduction of new and advance offset printing machine, thus a person need to stay informed as get to adapt with the changes.
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