Saturday, 26 October 2013


For  any printing company in Kenya to give any person  an accurate quote,there are essential things that a person must disclose to the printing companies in Kenya or else. Although most of the printers in Kenya will ask, others will just take as common and quote using their minimum quantity, they are likely to print.
Here are important information that are very crucial when requesting for a quote from printers in kenya or any others.
i)                 Number of colour of the item to be printed, i,e its full colour,2 colour, 3 colour, spots, or one colour.
ii)               Material in which you want your print, it on watermarked paper,art paper,sticker etc
iii)             Size of the item to be printed, for intance is it A5,A4,A3,A2,A1,OR A0.
Providing above information, will allow the printer in kenya or printer anywhere else in the world,determine which form is appropriate in producing the say quote. i.e whether he should print on offset printing machine,digital printing,screen printing or large format printing. It is wise to note printing is a process nd more so offset printing thus dont get a quote and expect the pritning the same day. Although, we have some printing companies in kenya which are known to supply printing very quick others may take longer depending on the complexity among others concerns.
Here are some of the most printings done in kenya: poster (A5 – A1),Stickers,letter heads,business cards,receipt books,calendars,banners, Receipt books, Invoice /delivery books, Business cards ,Letter heads, Label & stickers, Gift boxes, Posters and fyers, Business Forms, Wrap/ Self-adhesive labels, Exams and answer booklets, Booklets & Magazine, Brochures & Catalogue, Complimentary slips, Educational Text Books, Corporate Stationery, Calendars,Leaflets,Exercisebooks,Ceremony cards

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