Friday, 27 December 2013

Another Printing Year - 2014

It is with no doubt that the year 2013 has not been so good for most of the printers in Kenya. However, that should not give you a sleepless night because another printing year is with us here: the 2014.  But we hope 2014 would be a good and profitable year for printing companies in Kenya and beyond.

We encourage people to order more of the following item locally in order to support our own printing company.
Corporate Stationery
 Posters
 Stickers
 Receipt books
 LPO books/invoices
 Complimentary
 Business cards
 Letter heads
 Cartons
 General Stationery
 Leaflets & Flyers
 Calendars
 Educational Text Books and exams
 Brochures & Catalogue
 Booklets & Magazines
 Annual Reports
 Corporate Profiles
 Chipboard Boxes
 Wrap-around labels
 Self-adhesive labels
 Bank slips
 Envelopes
 T-shirts & caps

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Happy 2014
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