Friday, 7 March 2014

Problem of letting the wrong firm handle your printing needs.

A lot has been said about printing and more so printing in Kenya. The best printing firms and knows and it is also clear those companies that offer shabby job are listed as well. Before I say much, it is good to acknowledges there a number of printing companies that offer exceptional printing services in Kenya and at very affordable prices; however, it will be fail to say this list is long. This is because, some of the firms that offer best printing services and they have all the machinery to do all king of printing works are very good delaying your printing order. For instance, ordering business cards to be printed by some of the best and big printers in Kenya may take more than 2 weeks while I have witnessed some firms, mostly being medium or small printing companies delivering within a day or even 48 hours.
Of let there has emerge a lot of printing companies and most of them are a bunch of non experience feros or just a young briefcase company. This type of group who tend probably to offer good prices and sought of many printing services in which they don’t know are very dangerous for your business and entrusting to do your printing needs ( I am not saying all new company has problem or briefcase company don’t deliver) but this why you should trust them to do your printing works.
First of all, they will delay your printing works, even for simple jobs that would have taken less than a day. This is because; they don’t have either enough man power and since most of them outsource some printing services, they rely on someone else plan to deliver to you.  Another reason why you should not entrust your printing works in Kenya to unknown printers is because they will never refund your money incase they are unable to deliver.
 I know I can say quite a lot about printing in Kenya, printing services in Kenya and printing companies  in Kenya, but I let me summarize  by saying, there a few wondering printing companies in Kenya offering exceptional services and delivery is quick.

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