Saturday, 13 December 2014


Most of the printing companies in Kenya have started started putting off their printing machines for Christmas break and indeed to Usher in another printing year 2015. when we check diaries that we have printed, memo we have branded and calenders and other promotional material we have done, nothing is far from the truth, just a few days remaining to say good bye to 2014.

 The admin of these blog, walked to many printing companies in Kenya we support to survey and access what is happening in the printing and paper field and he was able to gather the following regarding printing companies in Kenya 2014 or and general observation of printing industry in Kenya and East Africa.

I) that 2014 was a bad year for most of the printing companies in Kenya, some of the concern raised was that the obvious seasonal business was not witnessed like other years. for instances very few company did wall and desk calenders for 2015 on the month of october - december 2014.

11) the prices of the printing material was very unpredictable, that was up and down and sometimes very expensive. some material were total out of supply especially the most used papers.most of the stationary suppliers,said that copy paper supplies was a big concern from international suppliers.

III) Dolar rates against Kenya shillings, affected business baldy and more so the imports in the Kenya market and in the region.

we hope to discuss more concern comes early January. let keep printing.

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