Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Every author if not most of them, feel self accomplished when they see their messages and ideas being transformed into a book and passed to as many people as possible.  In Kenya most of the authors are self published and they only pass ready content which are ' ready to print' to the printing companies in Kenya for auctioning.

A good number of books available in circulation or being published by most of the publishers in Nairobi are religious books, memoirs, education books, business books among others. However, it is noted that most publishing company dwell more on  education and thus self publishing authors finds it difficult getting the right publishing company in Kenya to print their books.

There are a number of world class publishers in Kenya, but below printing and publishing companies can help you in getting your book printed:

i) Mwafrika publishers 
ii) Inkpaste Printers & Stationers
iii) Aviq printers  

We hope you will have great time, getting your books published and printed in Kenya.

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