Sunday, 5 June 2016

Poster printing services in kenya VS in china

Election season is almost here in Kenya, and many political and aspirant would need poster printing services. Although many political and individuals who wish to print posters prefer doing them local others prefer printing in other countries like china. Many have been lied to that it cheaper to print poster in china, but in really sense that isn't true.

Kenya is one the luck country in east Africa region to have some of the best printing company companies delivering not only quality services, affordable and on time.
Here are advantages of printing your posters in Kenya

1.     There is special connection between the printing company and the client since the firm can be accessed.

2.     Most printing company in Kenya, after offering the printing services will often do a free delivery which will not be the case if you import the posters.

3.     Method of payment for your posters order in Kenya is much convenient, a person can convenient order and pay through Mpesa (mobile money),bank, cheques etc. as compared to when a person import where it necessarily to use dollars and method like cards and paypal among others.

Don’t be duped with ordering poster printing services outside Kenya, has the shipping cost, duty among expenses is way much expensive than working with local printing company in Kenya.
Here are some of the companies you can rely on to print your posters on the shortest time possible in Kenya:

a)      Inkpaste Printers and stationers : +254724680008 ,
b)     Aviq printers
c)      Geoffrey printing services
d)     Ramco printing
e)      Parxart printing services

Among others 

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