Saturday, 30 July 2016

Printing Machine on Sale

ON SALE - 201 commercial offset printing machine

The above 201 offset printing machine is on sales.  It is a high recommended machine for those who need to invest into commercial printing, bulk publications among others

As it is: Ksh 250,000
If serviced before sale:  kesh 300,000

What 201 machines can do:

201 Offset machines can print the following;
-          Receipt books, invoice books, order books ,etc
-          Text books
-          Spot items, like fliers, posters, leaflets etc
-          Business cards, wedding cards, invitation cards, contribution cards etc
-          Programmes, church and distribution bulletins
-          Business forms
-          Stickers and labels
-          Envelopes
-          Letter heads
-          Among other printed stationary

Benefit of 201 machines
-          Low power consumption – it is a one phase user
-          Easy to maintenance
-          Spare part available and affordable
-          High speed commercial machine  
-          Technician local available
-          Space: the machines can fit in a small room.
NB; the operators of the 201 offset machines are available

Machines are in good condition although several items need to be replaced; this is because it has not worked for some time. Servicing will take less that 30,000.
However, you have an option of letting us service before purchase at extra cost.

Serious buyers only contact:

( +254)0704600804 or Email:

find out how 201 printing machines works here:

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