Sunday, 2 October 2016

Book Printing and Publishing Services in Kenya

There is a number of printing firms in Kenya however, Not all printing companies in Kenya offer books printing and publishing services, thus it is vital to contact the firm that has experience in books printing and publishing.

Here Are Step of Getting Your Books Printed In Kenya
i)                    Research on companies doing book printing in Kenya
ii)                  Get a quote
iii)                Get a sample of previous work done by the printing company
iv)                Get clarification, on issues like payment methods, terms, delivery terms, designs and artwork. etc
v)                  If happy with quote and sample, place an order for book printing services.

Top Books printing companies in Kenya

Inkpaste Printers and Stationers - They are experience in book printing services, and prompt in any enquiry regarding your order.
They inkpaste printers and stationers, provide actual sample of the book to be printed before mass production.
They have quick turn round and thus you can get your book much quicker compared to other printing companies.

Aviq printers – unlike Inkpaste printers they accept even small orders of book production services. They are very affordable as well.

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