Sunday, 2 October 2016

Business Cards still matters to your Business !

Business cards Printing services: 
Business cards are one of the old and best ways of offline marketing and sharing contacts.  Most corporate, businessmen and trading individuals among others prefer the use of business cards all over the world than any other forms.  Although we cannot deny with internet marketing, and things like email, social media, website others have greatly impact the printing of business and it meaningfulness to organizations.

However, electronic media have its own demerits and thus put use of business cards in Africa and worldwide.  Use of business cards and business printing in Kenya is not a practice that will die soon. Every organization, companies, institutions, traders, individuals  among others have made habit of using business cards and it be tested to work miracle in term of sharing contacts, follow ups and offline marketing.

Business cards can be ether printed one side, both sides, laminated, die cut, 3D, round edge among other types depending on your taste, industry and image you wish to create.
Here are the printing companies in Kenya that can offer you great deal and quality services on business cards.

Best companies to print your business cards
For quick business cards printing services in Kenya, the below companies are said to offer quality, affordable and quick turn on business cards.

i)                    Inkpaste printers and stationers  - email: Tel: 0724680008
ii)                  Aviq printers – Email:
iii)                Geoffrey printing services  - email :

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