Saturday, 30 December 2017

Letter Head Printing Services in Kenya

Letter head is a vital marketing and branding stationary to nay business. This makes the content on the letter head authentic and traceable. A good letter head which capture the following:

A good letter head should not be shouted a lot but instead communicate the organization products and brand. Moreover the letter head should be neat and printed on good paper.

A good letter head is as good as paper printed on it. Remember letter are often more used for external document and thus it speaks volume out there. Here are common papers used for letter printing in Kenya and are easily available papers in the market.
-          Conqueror/ classic papers
-          Director papers
-          Royal executive
-          Water marked security papers
-          Cartilage papers
-          Bond papers (copy papers)

Letter Head Printing Services in Kenya is common practice and here are company that can assit you print the letter heads in Kenya:

1.       Inkpaste printers and stationers
Cell: +254724680008

2.       AViq printers

3.       Geoffrey printing press 

4.       Ramco printing services

Order you letter head printing services in Kenya!!!

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