Thursday, 21 December 2017

Papers used to print transaction books

Paper used to print Receipt/ Invoice books,delivery books, cash sales, petty cash,job cards etc

Keeping” records for any business is very vital and formal way of transacting.  There is a number of books which are crucial to any firm or business enterprise and this books include: receipt books, invoice books, delivery books, cash sales books, petty cash, Payment vouchers among others business books.

Here are a common printing papers use to print receipt books among others;
NCR papers - This is a self-carbonating papers often in 45- 55 gsm, this is a common papers for receipt books, invoice books, delivery among others
Bank papers, Newsprint papers - This paper is 42-50 Gsm, white, off white and grey in colour. This is a common paper in printing transaction books, but you need to have a carbon paper to show on the duplicate papers.
Bond papers – This are like banks papers, the only difference is that they heavy. The gsm for bond paper ranges from 60 – 120 gsm.

There are a number of printing company in Kenya, which stock the above papers and would print the said bout for individuals, corporates, Institution among others.  Inkpaste Printers and stationers, Aviq printers, Geoffrey printing press is among one of the best receipt books printing company in Kenya.

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