Monday, 5 March 2012

Offset- Printing machine in Kenya

The growth of printing industry in Kenya over the last 10 years is tremendous. Businesspersons have moved from importing one colour machine A4 size to full colour A2 or A1 machines. Nairobi to be specific is the leading printing hub in east and central Africa.

Despite printing in Kenya is diverse, with computer printing, digital printing, offset printing and packaging printing, this article will however, handle type of offset printing being used in Kenya.
Most of the printing companies in Kenya have more than one different offset machine and a person cannot fail to observe the following type of machine:
v  Kord
v  Gestestner
v  GTO (Heldgerge)
v  Speed Master
v  Solna
v  Abdic
And Other

The list grow day by day with new advancing in the printing, probably we shall start see new model in the printing press soon. It believed the bigger the machine and the many times print colors at a go the more it is expensive and thus lower production cost and time.