Monday, 5 March 2012

Types of Offset- Printing Papers and Boards

The list of printing papers and boards available in Kenya is endless and more specifically of offset printing papers. The lists below are some of the commonly printing papers and boards available and consumed in Kenya.
ü  Bond papers
ü  Art paper
ü  Newsprint papers
ü  Manila paper and board
ü  Art cards/boards
ü  Avoline board
ü  Cover boards
ü  Brown Kraft paper
ü  Bank paper
ü  White lined chipboard
ü  Duplex board
ü  Mg covers
ü  Duplicating paper
ü  Straw boards
ü  Self-adhesive papers (adstor/oji/crstal)
ü  Pvc white /clear
ü  Improved newsprint
ü  Colored bank papers
ü  Colored newsprint papers
ü  Royal executive papers
ü  Conquerors paper
ü  Excalibur paper
ü  Pinstripe papers
ü  Colured bond papers
ü  Photocopy papers
ü  Folding box boards
ü  Book papers
ü  Label papers
ü  Grey boards
ü  Core boards
ü  Paper cores
ü  Greese proof
ü  Sugar paper
ü  Ammonia paper
ü  Wax paper
ü  Salvate paper
ü  Directory paper
ü  Embossed papers
ü  Special papers
ü  Among others