Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Printing process

unlike digital printing and computer printing where an individual may just click and send the document to a printers , things are different when comes to offset printing printing. Offset printing is set of events, where one step lead to another before the final output is produced i.e That is pre- press and press itself. Printing process is guided by the following procedures.

  1. Designing – This entails converting the document to be printed to graphics or rather in soft copy. This necessary since the same document need to be used to procedure soft films or paper plates for that matter.

  1. Proof – a sample of what is to be printed is then provided for proof reading or amendment if any. Due to producing a proof by offset printing is costly thus this is often done by digital printing.

  1. Colour separations – although not all job will require co lour separations, this is mandatory for full colour job. During this process, colours are identified and arranged in schedule in order to achieve final colours and out put. indeed poor separation will always lead to poor output.

  1. Plates and film – after separation , the designed work is produced to the films which are in turn used to give printing plates. This may vary on size and quantity depending on the machine being used for printing and the type of job to be printed. For example one colour one may need only one and full requires four to five plates

  1. The offset printing Activities now starts when the plates are registered in the printing machine. The stages and procedures at this point depends with operator,the type of printing machine and number of colour being printed and what the machine can hold at a go.

  1. Finishing – This is probably the final stage in printing, this may vary from job to job, but activities May include, cutting and trimming,binding,perforation,creasing,folding, uv vanish,numbering etc

It worth noting implied services and stages has been ignored, for instance packaging ,sourcing for business and so. Most the offset printing job will undergo the said procedures.

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