Thursday, 22 November 2012

What to consider while making a printing quotation

One the most challenges part of printing industry is being able to have an appropriate printing cost, and give your clients the right quotations. Although there several things and factors a person should look for here are the common items on the quotation expenses.

i)                    The  material  i.e. the offset /printing papers
ii)                  Designing and artwork production
iii)                Separation and plate costs
iv)                Runs
v)                  Finishing costs i.e  cutting, binding, die cutting etc

The cost above may vary from one printing to another; for instance, a one color printing job may not require separation process. It is also good to note the bulk printing is always cheaper due to some of the printing cost remains constant irrespective of the quantity.
For instance a person printing 1000 A1 posters (full colour ) and a person printing 100 pieces of A1 posters will pay the same separation, plate and possibly runs. It is often said, offset printing is cheap when done bulk, considered digital printing when you have less stuff to produce.
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