Monday, 29 October 2012

Terms used in the Printing industry

Here are common terms used in printing industry,and any person in the the printing is likely to use them.
·        Designing – soft copy of what is to be printed, commonly refereed to as graphic design
·        Art work – the result of graphic designs, often in Pdf or orel draw
·        Image – a picture in soft copy
·        Separation – a process in offset printing which allow the operator to achieve certain colours especially when undertaking full colour jobs
·        Plates – a metal rectangular form . which carries the images to be printed
·        Registrations – set up of printing process
·        Runs – times in which the papers are expected to pass through the printing machines
·        Full colour – the printing process which involves production of 4 colour printings
·        Screen printing  - offset used to print t-shirts
·        Digital printings – used to print samples and small printing, especially from the computer screen
·        Dye cutting – process of shaping ,the printing works, especially on packaging printings
·        Foiling  - rolling up
·        Binding – part of printing finishing process done on books,esxcpecilay invoice/receipt books etc
·        Stitching – kind of doing binding which involves stitches
·        Films – a plastic like item used to transfer images to plates
·        Inks – used in printing process
·        Mixing white – a milk like printing ink, often used to mix other clours
·        Templates   already design work, and need only editig to get end art work
·        Screen colour – the colour which is seen on the computer i.e computer colour
·        Off cuts – pieces of papers left out after finishing or unused
·        Grains directions – especially on the printing papers  e.g white lined chipboard
·        Bulk offset printing  - printing in large scale
·        Lamination – coating of the papers or the printing output
·        Uv vanish – done on the finished printing to makes the printing shines especially on magazines’ cover,posters, labels among others
·        Cutting – process done of removing out the unwanted part of the printing, done after or before the printing
·        Numbering – process of giving the printed pages numbers, especially on the receipt/invoices etc
·        Paper plates – temporary plates on paper like material,used for short and one colour jobs.
·         A4 Paper -          paper size 21 x 29.7 cm or 8.3 x 11.7".

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Contributed By John Njega
Sales person  
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