Friday, 18 August 2017

Receipt books vs cash sales books

There are a number of business transaction books, which include invoice books,delivery note, receipt books, cash sales books,job cards books,petty / payment vouchers among others.
As to when those books should be used are. Challenges to many. In this article therefore we wish to assist to note the difference between receipt books and cash sales books.
There are a number of oustanding differences and similarities which on receipt books and cash sales books.

Some of these characteristics include:
-  Receipt books is often used to confirm payment whether  cash,cheque or wire money to client. While cash sale books  are strictly  for cash payment, in most cases over the counter sales.
-  cash sales books have space, where the products details are written or typed but not always the case of the receipt.
- all are used to confirm payments.
Suggestions: in a case where you need to list items or products you have sold, the cash sales books are recommended.
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