Thursday, 14 September 2017

Printing business in Kenya post – Election

Election years are often a ripping period for printing companies in Kenya. This is due to the facts that, most politicians, aspirant and political parties makes branded items like posters, fliers, brochures, business, t-shirts, pens, umbrella, note books banners among others to market for their candidature and indeed for publicity.  

However, according to the major printing companies in Kenya, the 2017 general election has not given much printing business in Kenya like the previous election. This has been attributed to many factors which included inflation among others concerns. The leading printing companies in Kenya urge that unlike other years when they often smile to the bank, the 2017 election period has been silently silence.

Post-election business for printing industry in Kenya is a bit shaky, especially when another election (repeat) is looming on the coming days. But a number of the players believe the printing industry in Kenya will stabiles as soon the electioring period ends. Most likely starting end of November.
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