Monday, 27 February 2012

Printing in Kenya

Over the years printing business in Kenya has proved to be a lucrative business. Kenyans has stopped see printing from the point of a HP printers to mass production of documents, indeed, the cost of producing paper and paper works in the office,schools and other environment has forced the businessmen and individuals to look for an alternative, thus printing in Kenya I.e offset printing,digital printing,computer printing and others forms . Unlike the last where only a few printing press where owned by a few Asia, printing is now has been commercialized all the Kenya. Moreover, printing in Kenya has grown rapidly from the out skirt of Nairobi city to other region of the country.

Printing in Kenya faces varies challenges, this is due to the fact that most of the printing papers are imported from overseas. I.e from china,Egypt,south Africa, India, and other parts of Europe. Since the cost and taxes associated with importation of papers in very unbearable the same cost are passed to the client and making printing in Kenya costly.

There are some consideration a an individuals should look into before starting printing business in Kenya. This factors may include
  1. Source of papers
  2. Targeted clients
  3. Cost of business I.e permits and rents
  4. Type of machine and equipment
  5. Operators and technicians
  6. Labours
  7. Government taxes and others
learning from the already exiting printing firms and press companies can be a very noble idea for startups. There quite a number of successful printers in Kenya and just to name a few: inkpaste printers and stationers, ramco printing, Rodwell press, kenyalitho,government press, regal press,solowidewide,majestic printers,kalzmart security printers,Medalion enterprise, ips printers,stallion manufacturers, inter labels,kulgraphics,press masters and many others.