Monday, 27 February 2012

Printing HOT spot in Kenya

Although printing business has spread allover Kenya in all counties and provinces we can not denied the fact that Nairobi is the hub of printing business in Kenya. From the Central business, industrial and its environ printing is all the corners of town. For example inkpaste printers in own, ramco printing on Mombasa road, Bizone at industrial,Baricho industries on jogoro road , yastat printers at baba dogo, and Kenya litho at mlolongo. It is with no doubt at every point of Nairobi region. There are unlimited printing ad press firms.

The following areas are know to the Printing HUB in Nairobi, I.e from computer printing, digital printing, offset printing, designing and finishing activities.
  1. River Roads
  2. Sheikh Karume Street
  3. Jansala
  4. Kijabe Street
  5. Gariama Road
  6. cross road
  7. and industrial area
The areas mentioned are hot spot, however, other places are emerging day by day. It has been observed, the type of machine and individuals has determines greatly where to located his printing business. Full printing press and independent are likely to be in industrial or out skirt of Nairobi. Small printers and whose consumption of space and power is low are likely to be at the Central Business District.

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