Friday, 7 March 2014

Bond paper

I am a sales person, working with Inkpaste Printers & Stationers ( a leading and quality oriented printing company in Kenya. i have over 24 years experience in which I worked 6 years with Inkpaste Printers & Stationers. I have made over 200,000 printing quotes since I became a sale person in printing industry in Kenya, and I would love to share a small issue which has found confusing my clients when they request me to make a quote.  And that is bond paper.   I would take of this as below.
What is bond paper?
Bond paper is uncoated woodfree, which is manufacture from pulp, is often in white but of late is also available in many colours as well. The commonly known is bond 80gsm paper  in A4 SIZE , often referred to as photocopy paper or copy paper. In most cases bond paper is available in the following brands:
Ø  50 – 55 – also known as bank paper
Ø  60 – 85  mostly used in office document
Ø  90 – 120 also called cartilage paper

Uses of bond paper

1.      Most of the printing companies in Kenya, corporate and individuals use bond 80gsm for normal office document.
2.      Bond papers is also used for photocopying and general office printings
3.      Bank paper (50gsm) and bond 60 gsm are commonly used by printing firms in Kenya to produce: exercise books, fullsculps, and business books like receipt books, invoices, and delivery among others.
4.      Heavy bond papers are used to print letter heads among other stationary.
5.      Bond paper is also used to manufacture white envelopes among others.
Next time when you see a quote indicated bond 80 Gsm …..just know it is copy paper.
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