Friday, 7 March 2014

Offset Printing is a process

What most people don’t know is that offset printing is a set of process that is mandatory and even one process is ignored, it is impossible to proceed or the quality of the print is compromised. A person who needs to order printing services in Kenya, it is vital to note, when you need bulk printing it must be offset which can not be done quick as compared to few pieces which are printed on digital machine.
Printing is very wide and a process of several activities that include, pre-press (graphic design, separation, plate making etc), printing; which include runs and finishing part which may include binding, lamination, UV finish, stitching perfect binding, creasing among others. An average preparation of the printing process is 48 hours, and thus printing works should be expected from the 3 days depending on the technicalities, colors and quantity. However, lucky enough is that most of the Kenya printers are they do as they can to deliver as soon as possible. Some there are number of printing companies in Kenya that are known to deliver simple job within the same day a complicated within 2- 3 days, this is good new for those who have quick printing needs.
Remember, don’t just allow printing company in Kenya to rush your job and comprise on the quality, discuss with them before they comment printing. It is also good to note offset printing gives a sharp image than digital printing and it is very economical to do offset printing if your printing order is bulky i.e from 500 pieces.
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