Friday, 7 March 2014

Brochure Vs Posters

Any printing company in Kenya can affirms that brochure and posters are the printing services that are widely consumed in Kenya market  after business cards and letter heads. According to the site Printing In Kenya brochures printing and poster printing are some of the printing services that are most searched and done by printing companies in Kenya. However, there has been a big confusing on what is a brochure and what is poster. Most of the client while they want brochures printed by Kenya printing firms they say they want poster and vise versa. Printing companies in Kenya have found themselves in a situation they need to redo the job because of such misunderstanding. It is with reason therefore I wish to draw the different between brochures and posters.
         i.            Brochure are printed on both side of the pages while poster are printed only on one side
       ii.            Brochures are often folded, for instances, they be folded thrice i.e tri-fold while posters are not folded, they meant to be put in a place to be seen or used as placard.
      iii.            Brochures have are more details information e.g. about the product or company while picture contain very few writing with big images.

         i.            Most of them are often in full colour and commonly printed on art paper
      ii.            They are all marketing tools, i.e. meant for publicity

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