Saturday, 16 August 2014

Logo Designs

Logo plays a vital role in branding and overall creation of companies’ images. A good logo should have reflection of the organization in mind as well the products and services being involved.  Many urge that a good  logo should be simple and clear while the leading graphic designers put that best logo should both complex and simple depending on the industry among others aspects.

A logo full of creativity and originality with the companies industry in mind and products and services has been said to be all the best logo.

Type of logo designs
Logo designs can take various forms, which can be either letter focus design, image logo or both aspects incorporated in the logo design creation.
Some of the known best logos include:
Coca cola, Unilever, Nike, Samsung, Safaricom, Mtn among others 

Logo Design in Kenya      
Logo design in Kenya and done by the printing companies in Kenya or the graphic and web designers firms. Moreover, a person can design his logo free online using available free logo design software’s. Below are some of the companies that can produce you excellent logo design:

1.      Deviq global designers – email:
2.      Inkpaste Printers & Stationers - email :
3.      Ramco printing   email :

Other list of printing companies and in Kenya and printing services in Kenya can be found on the link HERE

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