Friday, 1 August 2014

Scarcity of Bond 70gsm paper and newsprint 48.8 gsm

Apparently it has emerged that there is scarcity of bond paper 70gms and newsprint paper 48.8 gsm. Bond 70gsm is commonly used in Kenya market to print text books, publications, business forms among other printed stationary. It has emerged that most of the paper supplier in Kenya on the month of June, July and early august did not have the paper or they had a few reams in stock which they were selling at very high prices.
Moreover, the newsprint paper which often used to print primary school exercise books, newspapers, exams among other stationary is scarce in the Kenyan paper and printing market. This scarcity of the two paper have seen printing companies in Kenya having different in supplier their frequency order on time and forced to shoot their prices since, the a few paper in the Kenyan market Is costly.
On other hand, the paper supplier in Kenya have started plans to import the paper in bulk so as to support their consumer and more so the printing companies in Kenya  so they can do their normal printing services without being affected.
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