Thursday, 7 August 2014

Printing Companies in Kenya

A recently research has shown that most of the printing companies in Kenya are owned by Asian OR Kenyan with Asian origin.Although the question has been, why? There a number of Top printing companies in Kenya which are owned and directed by Kenyan and other businessmen from different part of the world. Such great printing companies which are not own by asian include Inkpaste printers & stationers, English press among other middle sized printing companies in Kenya.
Let see which printing companies are owned by Kenyan with asian origin or Asian:
-          Ramco printing
-          Aviq printers
-          Pressmaster Kenya
-          Zakuna printers
-          Printwell
Among others
This may be associated with the funding factor and technicality know hoe, since most of the asian have vast technicality knowledge on the printing machines.
To get list of printing companies in Kenya Click HERE

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