Thursday, 7 August 2014

Receipt Book Printing in kenya

Receipt books are used to confirm payment; however, this should not be confused with Invoice. Receipt book, invoice book, delivery and petty cash/ vouchers are common aspects of business documentation
Receipt books sizes
Receipt can be printed and customized to various sizes depending on the needs of the users and type of the receipts. Receipt books come in the sizes of A6, A5, A4 and others are odd sizes.
Type of receipt book
Official receipts- this is often in A6 form and it is serialized.
Cash sale – severally receipts in A4 , may be 2- 8 outs in one leaf of A4
Receipt / invoice – Combined features of invoice and receipts together

Printing of receipt book in Kenya can be done with printing company that offer offset printing services in Kenya. Most Kenyan and people residing in east Africa do print A6 receipt books.

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  1. Receipt Books are the document of any transaction. You should give the original one to customer and keep the copy. By this customer believe you always.