Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Printing of Posters and brochures in kenya

Most business can not dispute the role played by posters and brochures in marketing and advertising and more particularly in branding. A school may need a brochure to marketing its courses and posters to create awareness to general public. Printing of posters and brochures in Kenya should be a problem since almost major printers do print posters and brochures. The quality of a good poster or a brochures starts by doing a better designs, with creativity graphics among other key aspects.

 The quality of the printing may vary from one printing house to another and also depending on the experience of the operator and type of the papers used to print the posters and brochures. In most cases, the printing are done in full colours, since it may involve various images in the content. Printing companies in Kenya can either print poster by digital machines and through offset printing. Digital printing is often ideal when the quantity is small and offset printing is desire when the quantity of printing is large. In the case offset printing is undertaken , full colour procedures is often take up i.e colour separation, plate making  among others.
 The posters and brochures are commonly printed on art papers 90 – 150 Gsm or smooth bond papers of the same grammage. Those that intend to print posters should always proof read the content to be printed and indeed know that when printing large quantity of the posters is cheaper.
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