Friday, 12 October 2012

Printing and offset Paper sizes

Printing paper sizes is determines in centimeters and inches.

A - Series Printing Paper Sizes

  1. A0 – Size
ü      91.4 x  107cm

  1. A1 – Sizes
ü      61x 86cm
ü      63.4 x 91.4 cm
ü      64 x 90cm
ü      63.4 x91.4cm

  1. A2 –Sizes
ü      43x 61 cm
ü      42 x 61cm
  1. A3 – Sizes
ü      31x 43 cm
ü      29.7 x 31 cm
  1. A4 – sizes
ü      21x 29.7cm

B- Series Printing Paper Sizes

i)                    A1 - 70x 100cm
ii)                   A2 - 51 x76 cm
iii)                 A3 - 38x 51 cm
iv)                 A4 - 25.5x 38 cm

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  1. very informative's helpful for me when using plastic card printing it might helps there.

  2. paper are crucial determinant when comes to paper pricing and quotation of printing works.

    by choosing the appropriate paper sizes allow the printer among others to minimuse on the wastage thus saving

  3. Remarkable information regarding to plastic card printing...dimensions solves lot of problem...

  4. This piece of information regarding the offset printing papers are very helpful.

    thanks i will often refereed to this sizes on papers sizes and other information regarding printing industry, printing companies in Kenya among others

  5. how can i get the weight of ONE REAM of photocopy papers, and can kindly get quotation of the following items all in full colour 3000 pcs , letter heads in conqueror paper,poster A1 SIZE,brochure a4 folded,Receipt books,business forms and 2013 calenders (a2 size. thanks

  6. The paper sizes bigger than A0, 4A0 & 2A0, aren't formally defined by ISO 216 but are commonly used for oversized paper. The origin of these formats is in the German DIN 476 standard, that was the original base document from which ISO 216 was derived.
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