Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Business Cards

Business cards plays a vital role as far building business contact are concern. Morever, we can not ignore the significance role it plays in generally marketing. Printing business card in kenya and designing them can almost be done with any printing press company. Business card can be printed both by offset printing and also digital printing. Bulk printing of business  card are cheap when done on offset while on other hand small printing in is economical done by digital printing.
A wel printed cards,should have good sharp colour,well organised with combination of company logos and printed using quality hard papers. Business cards should ideally be a representation if the company and more often are printed on the following papers: Art card, Cover board,Ivory board, Manilla among other special papers.
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  1. Quality business cards play important role in business.
    so the qualitity of business cards should be very good .Thanks for nice sharing.

    1. Yes, ti is true Jeny, a poorly printed card depicts the image of the business enterprise. it is a high time firm should entrust their printing works ,including business cards to the right printers.

  2. business card and plastic card printing service play an important role in business..i agree.

  3. Most business globally are embracing use of plastic cards,expecilly as identification and gate pass.

  4. Plastic business cards are representative of one`s company or office, so they plays important role in order to attract client...

  5. i agree with you Malik,business card not only are essential in offline marketing,but they play a vital role in building the firms image and among others.....thanks for your appreciation and contribution.

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