Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bond Paper

Bond paper which is also refered to uncooated woodfree papers is one of the frequentiy used paper in the printing industry and more so kenya and farica in general. The qualiy of bond papers is determined by  stiffness,texture, grammage, and indeed the brightness of the paper. The bond paper is often avaiable in various sizes which include:
·        A1 Size – 61 x 86 cm
·        A2 size - 43 x 61 cm
·        A3 size – 29.7 x 43  cm
·        A4 size – 21 x 29.7cm

The bond paper is usualy in the grammages of 50 – 120 gsm,however, it should be noted that bond paper which have lower grammages ,expeciaaly 50 gsm are commoly refered to as bank paper and on other hand, bond paper with gsm like bond 90 – 120 are commonly refered to as cartilage paper. Bond paper are imported into kenya market from egypt, china,portug,sweden,south Africa,India among other countries.

The quality of the bond paper imported in to kenya market various depending on the milers and indded the source. It has been observed that, printing industry in kenya consumes more of bond 80 gsm in A1 size and A4 than any other type of bond paper. Afew printing company i kenya have offset machines that take roll papers and thus they consume bond paper in form of reels.

 Uses of bond paper
 Bond paper in kenya is  mostily used by offset printers companies,in the daily office paper work and indeed on the photocopy machines i.e in A4 size. Just to mention a few, bond paper can be used to:
High quality Print books
a)      Educational material
b)      To produce copies e.g using deplicating/coying machine.
c)      Letter heads
d)      Business forms
e)      Print calenders
f)       Used in making diaries
g)      Campaigh mateias
h)      Publishing purposes
i)       Office stationeries
j)       Packaging e.g making white sacks,expecialy for packing food.
k)      Make envelopes
l)       Promotiona material e.g poster
m)    Bronchures  among others offset printing items

Bond paper is stocked by leading paper supplier and delaers in kenya and can be easily ontined from them. Those buying in large scale my get at afordable rate biiled in kilos while small consumer can buy in term   of reams. Unlike other products and imports into kenya market, bond prices and paper prices in kenya market is not constant and keeps on changing depending on the demand,avalibality, quality and indeed dolar exchange rate.

To purchase the bond paper in reels or sheeeted, you can visit the links.
      i)  Aviq suppliers
iii) Asl paper
iii) uneeco papers
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  1. please as weighing a piece of paper A1 61 x86 58 gr?

    1. Thanks Tena for your question,you can use this formula
      Use : SIZE x gsm/20,000
      NB: Divide by 500 to get piece WEIGTH.
      Then the weigh of 1 Pcs of A1 size is: 0.0304268

  2. he bond paper is usualy in the grammages of 50 – 120 gsm Free Business Cards

  3. your right Vinay, however, it is good to note the bond paper of 50gsm is often refereed to as bank paper whereas those with gsm of 90 - 120 cartilage paper .... http://nairobiprinting.blogspot.com/