Friday, 26 October 2012

Printing Activities and General election 2013 in kenya

With the general election almost to take place in Kenya printing activities is expected to be at top especially the printing of posters, flyers, campaign cards,registration forms,banners among others. Contrarly  there will be scarcity of offset printing papers due to the fact that most of papers consumed in Kenya market are imported. Moreover  due to unstable foreign exchange and more so the dollar against Kenya shilling the papers prices are expected to rise  by about 33% from the current rates. Sources are revealed that, most of the paper supplier in Kenya are holding papers  which are likely o be used during the period hoping to harvest more from their sticks when times comes. The papers that are expected to be in scarce or at high price are art paper ,bond paper (woodfree) among others.
The paper manufacturers who have been  speculating about the same have also hikes their paper exporting prices and this cost is expected to be transferred to the consumers of the printing works. Often do take caution when printing politician works since some don't pay or delayed payment please insist on down payment or a front.

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