Monday, 19 May 2014

Top 5 printing paper suppliers in Kenya

Papers consumption in Kenya is very high, which ranges from copy paper/ photocopy papers, bond papers, art papers, self adhesive papers, label papers, newsprint papers among many others. However, to ensure steady supplier of the printing papers there a number printing papers suppliers that has been at the core of stocking and supplying business, printing companies, stationers among other offset printing papers, packaging papers among others. Below are top 5 paper supplier in Kenya, on which most of them are importers of printing papers from china, Egypt, Sweden, india, South Africa among others sources.
Top 5 paper suppliers in Kenya 

1.       International Paper & Boards Supplies Ltd - this is probably the papers company that is well stocked in Kenya, they have also the machinery to handle huge orders and able to sheet the papers into varies sizes. Some of the papers they have in store, include newsprint, bond paper, cover boards, art papers, photocopy papers, label papers, brown Kraft among others.

2.       Transpaper Kenya – Big distributor of volume and volume of tone of printing papers. They have branches in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, they also well equipped with tinting machines, this means, you can get all the colour of paper you want with them. Well stocked with varieties of papers.

3.       ASL papers – also huge importer of printing papers, however, specialised in Ncr, art paper, stickers and other a few papers. Well stocked as well.

4.       Paper house of Kenya – well stock with fast moving papers and speciality papers. They know for stocking unique printing papers and steady supply.

5.       Pinnacore Stationers – Although they don’t import frequently, they well stock with variety of papers, and their prices are affordable. They most retail as compared to wholesale.
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  1. Thanks for this information about leading papers suppliers in Kenya, would please include their contact details please. this such a great sites.

  2. I am surprised international paper and board supplies ltd is the leading supplier of printing papers in Kenya, they extremely poor customer care services and they very slow in servicing the paper orders